is a small graphic reflection of the beauty of young faces. It’s a place where energy, sexuality, indifference and vitality of young boys, girls and more boys are reflected in the most deprived way. Each edition attempts to stay close to their faces that surprise us day by day. A mix of street kids, models, friends, designers and outsiders with a strong yet simple attitude.

This open space is also built for you. If you are a model, a photographer or interested in getting involved in some way, please contact us. We are energy in motion and we depend on you.


Editor-in-Chief / Armando Frezze Durand

General Producer / Jose Vetter

Producer / Santiago Encina

Creative Directors / Armando Frezze Durand & Jose Vetter

Graphic Design / Giuliana Gilio

Translator / Ezequiel Coeli Canobbio

Web Master / Stepan Nikulenko

PH Staff / Armando Frezze Durand, jose Vetter and Federico Caram

for Doopler Magazine

Special Thanks to Francis Conyers Thompson III for the unconditional support

Florencia Macri , Leo Adef, Justin Violini, Gerardo Dubois, Santiago Artemis, Universe Management, Mia Fasting.

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